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Tayumanavar Songs
« on: November 29, 2008, 11:52:07 AM »
Tayumanavar has got a few verses, under the title Mandalathin...
meaning, "in the worlds..."

I am giving two verses here:

In the universe, one does all sorts of jugglery, the oceans,
the worlds, are arranged block over block, in the pure vaccuum!
In this universe with worlds beyond number, which has been
   kept by His Grace,
What more miracles do you need, who can determine its nature?

They say one, two and discuss this endlessly, and this Space of Jnana*,
Lies beyond all these, as the Seventh* this is the Space of Yoga,
One who comprehends this, does not speak anything, he is full
  within in his Silence,
This is the Primordial, there is nothing else, this is Non moving,
This remains ever present, this is full of Bliss,
This is Naturalness, this is full of Peace.

(*The Space of Jnana is supposed to the seventh of the seven
places of Jnana, this is Silence, this is Bliss, this is Peace and
this is Naturalness.  This is what Bhagavan Ramana showed in
His life.  The Seven places of Jnana, have been given by me
already in a separate post.).

(Source:  Tayumanavar's Songs.  Tamil. Sri Ramakrishna Tapovanam,
Tiru Paraithurai, near Tiruchirapalli.  Translation and Prose rendering,
my own.)

Arunachala Siva.