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Sivananda Lahari
« on: November 28, 2008, 10:11:58 AM »
Sivananda Lahari is quite famous for the various similes. 

Verse 49 reads as under:

The fruit of liberation is brought about, by watering the tree of
the mind, with waters of bliss.  The tree is growing nicely on the
fields of Siva's lotus feet. It is, as a plant, is holding on to the
pillar of determination.  The branches and sub branches of the
tree, which is bhakti, are showing up in fertile forms of the Space
of the mind, (Manokasa), the tree is growing in the nice support
beam of the pure mind and sense organs.   It is growing taller and taller with the merits of good deeds and the fruit of liberation is thus brought about!

Verse 50 reads like this.  It is a simile between Siva and jasmine

This flower is blooming in the evening with great ecstasy.  Siva's
dance in the sandhya kala.  This is kept with satisfaction in the
head and on the ears.  Siva is in the head of Vedas. It is always
swarmed by bees.  Siva is always sought after by Uma, Brahmarambika, the goddess like bee.  It is loved by yogis/bhogis.  Siva is loved by Yogis.
This flower is the most adored among all including serpents! 
Siva is the god of all gods and is adorning serpents.
It is having the best beauty and fragrance  Siva is embraced by the
most beautiful Uma with fragrant locks.  I pray to that Mallikarjuna,
Siva of Sri Sailam!

(Source:  Sivananada Lahari. Sanskrit-Tamil. Sri Ramakrishna
Math,  Chennai. Translation and prose rendering, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.