Author Topic: Amarneethi Nayanar (One of 63 Siva Saints)  (Read 1882 times)


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Amarneethi Nayanar (One of 63 Siva Saints)
« on: November 27, 2008, 11:41:19 AM »
Amarneethi Nayanar, was born in Tirunallur, in Chozha kingdom.
He was a Siva devotee, and built a Math, to feed the Siva devotees
and also to give them clothes.  He derived great joy in doing that
service and he considered that Siva-worship.  He was himself a
pious person, with holy ashes on his forehead and Panchakshara,
in his lips.  One day, Siva came to him, as a brahmin boy, wearing
a codpiece and chanting Namasivaya.  Amarneethi was happy to
serve him and offered him food.  Siva in disguise said that he would
first have a bath in the tank, go to the temple and then have his food.
He also left an old codpiece with Amarnetthi, telling him, that he would
take it back, on his return.  After bath and worship in the temple, Siva
before his food, asked for the codpiece.  That has already been hidden
away by Siva, so Amarneethi could not find that.  He offered that he
would give bales and bales of new clothes to compensate that old
codpiece.  Siva did not first agree, but agreed on condition that the
items he would give should be equal to the codpiece.  So saying, he
gave the only remaining codpiece, that was tied on his staff, and asked
Amarneethi to wear on a scale.  Amaneethi placed that codpiece on the
one pan, and placed a new one on the other pan.  It was not equal.  He
then placed several codpieces, and then, bales and bales of new clothes,
and then gold ornaments, but nothing could equal it.  He then said to
the brahmin boy:  All right, I shall give me wife and son, (which represents 'mine').  They stood on the scale, even then it was not a match.  So
he finally said, I shall give me, (which represents 'I'). So saying he stood
on the pan.   There was a roar of laughter, the brahmin boy disappeared and then Siva appeared as an Effulgence, saying:  Now you have left
your I and mine.  You can come to my Abode."  Amarnetthi merged
in the Light.

(Source:  Periya Puranam. Sekkizhar. Tamil Verses. Saiva Siddhanta
Book Publishing House, Chennai.  Prose rendering, mine.)

Arunachala Siva.