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Sivananda Lahari
« on: November 27, 2008, 11:24:38 AM »
Sivananda Lahari Verse 36 speaks about the purification of a house
and a body and it reads as under:

O consort of Parvati! This pot of my mind, has been tied with threads
of devotion, with several rounds around it.  It is filled with pure water
of happiness and it is shining.  Your two feet, like two leaves of mango
tree, have been placed on top with the coconut of Jnana.  I am constantly
telling the mantra of Panchakshara, to purify this further.  I am eating
pure and sattvic food and I am doing the Punyaha vachanam, the
purification ceremony for your visit. 

(Punyahavachanam is a ceremony of purification, time at the time
of a new festival, for a new house, or for a mother and new born baby,
after a period of ten days from the baby's birth.  The house is cleaned,
and a pot is kept with pure water, with rounds of threads around it,
with two mango leaves over water and a cocnonut at the top.  Sri
Sankara says that the purification of mind is done, through devotion,
eating sattvic pure food, and chanting Panchakshara.)

Verse 38 reads as under:

Siva!  You are like a full moon.  You rise at the eastern sky between
two mountains, ( from the birth, due to my merits of previous births).
You make the ocean's waves to have ebbtide, (like you make the
devotees' heart to swell in happiness). You are like nectar full of welfare, (bliss of the devotee which does good for him). You are crowded on all sides, by stars, (like the devotee who is in the midst of satsangh).
You are having a deer on your hand, (Siva is having bhaktas having fragrance of good character and morality, like "mrugamatha", an
incense said to come from deer).  You remove the darkness of the night, (as moon removes the darkness, Siva removes the ignorance (darkness)  of the devotees.  You are Somadeva, consort of Umadevi,
who gives bliss to the devotees, as flowers are blooming
in the moonlit night.

(Source: Sri Sivananda Lahari, Sanskrit-Tamil.  Sri Ramakrishna
Ashram, Chennai.  Translation my own.)

Arunachala Siva.