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Vaithisvaran Kovil Tiruppugazh
« on: November 26, 2008, 11:13:19 AM »
Vaithisvaran Kovil is a small town near Chidambaram, where there
is a Siva temple.  Siva is called here Vaitheesvaran, the great physician,
and Uma is called Thyal Nayaki, the queeen among the women.  This
town has been hailed in Tevaram songs also.  Here, Muruga is called
Muthu Kumara Swami. 

The Thiruppugazh song reads like this:

You are the Single great Refuge, without knowing to praise you,
I remain inert like a wooden measure* and I am rotting with my
   ego, karma and maya,
You are the god of devas and sages in Heaven, please give me
   a good after life by being humble before you,
O the Son of Siva, who gives rewards to devotees, O Muruga
   of Vaithisvaran Kovil!

(* Wooden measure - a measuring jar made of wood in olden days,
as inert like that wooden jar.)

(Source:  Tiruppugazh, Tamil Songs. Arunagiri Natha.  Tiruppugazh
Devotees' Group, New Delhi.  Prose rendering mine.)

Arunachala Siva.