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Tiruchendur Tiruppugazh
« on: November 24, 2008, 12:23:04 PM »
In Arunagiri Natha's Tiruppugazh, there are more than 75 songs on
Tiruchendur.  The following is one such verse, which reads as under:

"They are beyond comparison, even to Lakshmi and Indrani,  They
         are having sandal pastes and perfumes on their breasts,"  so saying,
         I am spending time with them morning and evening,
They know all the trickery, they know Kamasastra, they are vengeful,
          o mind, do not fall a victim to their eyes and moonlike faces,
Keep the mind without blemish, learn the truth of life, after reading
          dharma, artha and kama sastras, seek His grace,
O Muruga, please give your anklet sounding feet, let me know the
         truth through Your Grace only!
She is Kali, Kumari, Bhaynakari, Sankari, Gowri, Neeli, Para-parai,
         Ambika, Kudilai, Yogini, Chandini, Kundali, my Mother,
She is faultless, Uma, Mandhari, Andhari, Sundari of Agamas,
         she gave birth to you, O Kumara!
You are praised by Ganapatiraya, mounting on the mouse, he
         is wearing poisonous snakes at his waist, and by your father
O Lord of Tiruchendur, where plantains, turmeric and ginger
         grow in plenty and you are the King of that town!

(Source:  Tiruppugazh, Arunagiri Natha.  Tamil Verses.  Tiruppugazh
Devotees' Group, New Delhi.  Prose rendering, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.