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Miracles Do Happen
« on: November 24, 2008, 11:29:03 AM »
Once was in the Old Hall.  At that time the construction of the Old
Hall was not fully completed.  There was a thatched shed on the
front.  Bhagavan Ramana, after completing his bath, went in search
of his towel which was hanging on the bamboo roof.  As He was
removing the towel, the nest which was behind the bamboo roof
moved a bit, and a sparrow's egg fell on the ground.  The nest there
was not known to anyone.  Bhagavan Ramana became very sad and
took the egg on His hand.  The egg was a little cracked.  He exclaimed:
O the poor mother will be grief sticken, perhaps angry at me also,
since I have caused the destruction."  So saying, He carefully looked at
the egg with His graceful eyes.  He bandaged the egg with a wet cloth
and kept it back in the nest.  Every three hours, He went to nest, carefully picked up the ego, changed the wet cloth to a new wet cloth, gracefully
looked at the egg and then placed it back.  He repeated this 'treatment'
for a week.  One day, He found the egg totally healed, had a sigh of
relief and kept it there.  After another week, one fine morning,  the
egg had been hatched and there was a little sparrow in the nest!
With radiant eyes, He took the little one, stroked it and caressed it with
his lips. The bystanders were looking amazedly and all the inmates of
the Asram became very happy.  He brought life to an almost dead little
sparrow, with his grace.

(Source:  Arunachala's Ramana, Boundless Ocean of Grace, Volume 2.
Sri Ramansramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.