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Sivananada Lahari - 5
« on: November 23, 2008, 10:57:07 AM »
We shall today see the Verses 12 and 9 of Sivananda Lahari of Sri
Sankara, the verses 7 and 8, in the group of ten verses selected
by Bhagavan Ramana.

Verse 12 reads as under:

Even, if one resides in a cave or a house, outside or inside, forest or the hills, in water or in fire, what does it matter?  If one can always keep
his mind at the feet of Siva permanently, that alone is adequate for
salvation.  This is the yoga.  He is the supreme yogi.  He shall get
bliss that passeth understanding.

(This verse particularly refers to Bhagavan Ramana's advice to his
devotees, that the true renunciation is renunciation of the ego and
not living in forests and caves, embracing sannyasa etc., This has also
been brought out in Sad Darsanam.)

Versse 9 reads as under:

Let not the man of dull intellect go in search for flowers in deep valleys,
uninhabitated thick dangerous jungles and broad ranges of hills. O
consort of Parvati, when one can give the lotus of his heart with total
devotion to you, without roaming here and there, and steadily sitting
in a particular place, is it not more than adequate for you?  Why
people do not understand this?  It is a wonder!

(Bhagavan Ramana has also told a number of times, flowers, fruits/
snacks offerings to Him, circumambulation of the old hall etc., etc.,
are not necessary.  If one could constantly contemplate on the Self
within, that is the highest  karma, bhakti, yoga and jnana.  This is
available in Verse 10 of Upadesa Saram.)

Arunachala Siva.