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Sivananada Lahari - 6
« on: November 23, 2008, 11:16:36 AM »
Verses 11 and 91 of Sivananda Lahari, that is, the verses 9 and 10
of Bhagavan Ramana's selection of 10 verses can be seen now.

Verse 11 reads as under:

Let one be a brahmachari, (celibate), gruhasta, (householder),
vanaprasta, (forest-dweller) or a sannyasi, (ascetic), or EVEN
BEYOND ALL THESE, (ati-varanasrami, like Bhagavan Ramana),
it does not matter. Paramasiva, what is the use of all these asramas?
Pasupati! if one's heart is at your behest, then you become one
at his behest!  And you carry the heavy burden of his birth!

(This verse is important in more than one respect.  First, Bhagavan
Ramana has always advised his devotees, not to worry about the
'asrama', the stage of life in which they are placed, but renounce the
ego and constantly do self enquiry.  First, Bhagavan Himself was an
ati-varnamsrami, beyond all four stages, and hence He had all the
qualifiication to advise about not worrying about one's asrama.  Sri
Sankara says that one whose heart is at the behest of Siva, that is
total self-surrender, Siva carries all the burden of such a devotee.
This again, what Ramana always advised about devotees who complained
about one problem or the other and seeking relief through Bhagavan

Verse 91 reads as under:

This is the epitome of Sivananda Lahari and Bhagavan Ramana has
chosen this as the last of the 10 verses, recommended by Him.

O Siva, with crescent moon on the head!  The darkness of ignorance
that was once renting my Heart is now cleared through your Grace,
and there is light everywhere.  The wisdom that removes the knot
of the heart, has come to stay permanently in the Heart. Your lotus
feet  bestows, not only worldly riches but also the sublime
liberation.  Let me always contemplate on that lotus feet.

Arunachala Siva.