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Miracles Do Happen
« on: November 23, 2008, 10:41:37 AM »
When Mother Azhagamma came to Bhagavan Ramana for good,
she has to be "trained" in many ways by Bhagavan Ramana, to make
her fit for liberation.  For external vasanas, various desires for food items
had to be removed.  Bhagavan Ramana used to chide her, whenever
she wanted greens of a particular variety from Akhilandamma.  He had
said:  If you want all these things, beter go back to Madurai. Again,
Mother Azhagamma had internal vasanas like uppercaste-lower caste
complexes, her clothes, vessels  should not be touched by low caste
people, not eating after a low caste person had eaten the food, etc.,
Bhagavan Ramana cleaned up all these 'ego' related internal desires.
He made fun of her for the casteism, and once said:  O Amma, Kunju
Swami had by mistake touched your drying clothes.  Please soak it
again in water and you also take bath!" 

Finally, Bhagavan Ramana wanted her ego that " Venkataraman is after
all her son", to be removed.  He wanted to show her that He is Siva,
owned by every devotee, not merely by His mother, because Siva is
as Manikkavachagar said, " without a father and without a mother,
and all alone".   One day, when Mother Azhagamma was looking at
her son, Bhagavan Ramana suddenly disappeared and in His place
the Siva Linga of Tiruchuzhi Temple, Sri Bhuminathesvara, appeared.
Mother was bewildered, she wiped her eyes and saw once again and
again Siva appeared.  She became nervous and afraid, and she
decided that her son is Siva Himself, not merely her own son, Venkataraman!

Arunachala Siva.