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Sivananada Lahari - 4
« on: November 22, 2008, 11:31:48 AM »
The verses Nos.  83 and 6, are the second group of two verses,
in the order chosen by Bhagavan Ramana, in Sivananda Lahari.

Verse 83 reads as under:

What is the use of praying to other gods* who are having births
and deaths?  What avail of such devotion?  There is no bliss even
to an infinitesimal extent.  There is no doubt.  Only one who prays
to Siva concorporate with Ambika, who has no birth and is deathless,
he shall  get all worldly happiness here, and fruit of this birth, hereafter, that is, Immortality.

(* Only in Sivananda Lahari, Sri Sankara glorifies Siva as a God
higher than other gods, like Brahma, Indra, Vishnu, and Agni.
All other gods are having births and deaths, after the completion
of aeon and the starting of aeon.  Siva is beginningless and endless.
This Verse also echoes Sri Dakshinamoorthy Stotram.  The devotee
gets all worldly happiness here and immortality hereafter.)

Verse 6 reads as under:

Some say that it is like an earthern  pot and the clay.  (the Brahman
and individual soul).  Some others say that it is like cluster of atoms
and the element.  Some more say that it is like smoke and fire.
A few others say it is like a mountain and a stone.  A few more say,
it is like the cloth and yarn.  What is the use of such logical statements?
Why are you parching your throat with such futile discussions with
special words?  Can these ratiocination keep Yama away at your
death-bed?  Only meditate on the lotus feet of Paramasiva.  O devotee
of pure heart attain immortality with such devotion.

(This verse is an echo of famous Bhaja Govindam.  Logic and ratiocination
will not confer mukhti and this can be attained only by pure devotion
to Siva.)

(Source: Sri Sivananda Lahari, Sanskrit-Tamil.  Sri Ramakrishna
Math, Chennai.)   

Arunachala Siva.