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Sivananda Lahari - 4
« on: November 22, 2008, 11:03:10 AM »
Under Bhagavan Ramana's arrangement of 10 verses of Sivananda
Lahari, the third group of two verses, is No. 65 and No. 10.

Verse 65 reads as under:

To the one, who has kept his mind constantly on your lotus
feet, and seeks only service to you, what cannot be achieved
by him in this world?  O the consort of Bhavani!  Yama runs away
in fear from your devotees, because he still remembers the kick
he had.  The devas are prostrating to you and do poojas keeping
their ruby-clustering head gears under your feet.  It looks as if
they are giving artis with red flame.  The lady of Liberation, runs
towards them and embraces them.

(Here, the needs of a man, wealth, women and immortality are
figuratively described, through devas's headgears of rubies,
the lady of liberation embracing and Yama running away from him.)

Verse  10 reads as under:

Let there be any type of birth for me.  Let it be a human birth,
or birth as deva, birth as an animal in the mountains and jungles,
let their be a birth of mosquito, let there be a birth of a cow,
or a worm, or a bird, I do not mind.  But let me always contemplate
your lotus feet and play in the ocean of bliss in the heart.  What
type of birth -- how does it matter at all?

Jadabharata was born as a deer.  We know Cow Lakshmi's story,
the stories of Valli, the deer, Jackie the dog and the crow.  The
nature of birth does not matter, so long as the individual soul
contemplates on the lotus feet of Siva and drowns in the ocean
of bliss.

(Source: Sivananada Lahari, Sanskrit-Tamil.  Sri Ramakrishna Ashram,
Arunachala Siva.