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Skandar Andati
« on: November 21, 2008, 12:01:30 PM »
Skandar Andati of Arunagiri Natha has got  beautiful verses,
full and through.  Verse 56, which describes the love pangs
of the maiden, reads as under:

Thennavanam, The coconut groves, and flower gardens abound
     in Tiruttani, Tiruparankundram and Tiruchengode, where
     you reside with your Spear.  (Thenna-vanam, Coconut groves.)

Thennavan-am, the god of the South, Yama, when he came to
     pull Markandeya with his whip, he was kicked by Siva and
     you are his valourous sun. (Thennavan-am, the god of south, Yama)

Thennavan-anga, the king of South Madurai, Nedumaran, who was
    a hunchback, was suffering from incurable fever, and you* cured
    him with your holy ashes. (Thennavan-anga. the body of the king
    of South Madurai.)

Thenna-anagan, the god without body, Anangan, Manmatha is shooting
    flower arrows on me, with his sugarcane bow, please cure me
    with your marital garland.  (Thanna-anangan, the bodiless god

(* The Pandya King, Nedumaran who was hunch back, and who
was the supporter of Jainas, once suffered from high incurable
fever and that could not be cured by Jainas, with their peacock
feathers.  Jnana Sambandha, who is an avatara of Skanda went
to the king and with his holy ashes, not only cured his high incurable
fever, but also set right his hunchback.  Then, he debated with Jainas
and won them, with Saiva Siddhanta philosophy.)

(Source: Skandar Andati, Tiruppugazh, Tamil Verses.  Tiruppugah
Devotees' Group, New Delhi.  Prose rendering, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.