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Sivananda Lahari
« on: November 20, 2008, 01:31:06 PM »
Sivananada Lahari of Sankara, just because, the poems are full of
devotional outpour, some scholars say that these were not from
Sankara.  But all the five Sankara Maths have accepted this poem
as Sankara's own work.   Perhaps, antagonists think Advaita Jnana is as dry as Sahara desert which is far from true.  Advaita is both the Hills and the gushing waterfalls as in Tiruvannamalai.  Bhagavan Ramana's Life and teachings themselves are enough proof for this dance of the Self.

Kavyalankara abounds in these poems.  The similes are wonderfully
fresh.  For the true devotion to the Godhead, Sankara says:

a.  It should be like the love of a chaste wife and her husband,
b.  It should be like a creeper embracing  tree,
c.  It should be like the river and the ocean.

The mind deluded by the worldly desires is compared,

to a thief entering the house, to the wild animals crowding the jungle,
to the bad smell filling a closed box, to the parched earth not having
moisture, to a mad elephant charging at the travellers.

A pure mind, Suddha manas, is compared,

to a desirable tent built for the king in the barracks, to a pot having
pure water for pooja, to a cloudless sky, to Siva's Kailash, to a fertile
field where paddies grow in abundance, to the cave where Panchakmuka
Siva stays in meditation, to the swan staying at the feet of Siva, to a
bird dwelling in the nest of Siva's feet, to a garden flourishing with
fragrant flowers and juicy fruits, to the bird, Sataka, waiting for the rain
drops to fall for drinking, to a Ruby studded footwear, to a high breed
war horse, to a chaste wife, to a maiden with nice characteristics.

Siva accepts any offering for the sake of pure bhakti.  He accepted with
relish, the chappals and water from the mouth, (Kannappa), he accepted the stones thrown at him, (Sakkya Nayanar), he accepted the human
flesh (Siru Thondar), he accepted the lamps burning with water,
(Nami Nandi Adigal), he accepts even killing one's own father (Chandikesvara Nayanar), he accepts even a girls long black locks for
a sacred thread.   Anything is okay in bhakti between a  pure devotee and Siva.         
Arunachala Siva.