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Skandar Andati
« on: November 20, 2008, 11:24:04 AM »
The Verse 69 of Skandar Andati is also a beauty.

This verse reads as under:

Jeevan-asatturu -  This jiva is 'asat', unreal and so even while
     I am alive, let my heart melt for you and let me avoid further birth,

Jeevana-satturu, For the devas to be alive, Siva, gave birth to you
     as an effulgence and you were carried by Agni who has got a
     goat as his vehicle and left at Ganga,

Jee-vana-satturu, She has got fine shining red lotus as her seat,
     she is of red complexion, she is Mahalakshmi, and you are her

Jeevan-asatturu, This Jivan, instead of leaving this body which is
     asat and holding on to You who is Sat, when can I attain that
     state, without all these futile thoughts about this world and deeds?

(Source:  Skandar Andati - Tiruppgazh.  Tiruppugazh Devotees Group,
  New Delhi.  Translation my own.)

Arunachala Siva.