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Swamimalai Tiruppugazh
« on: November 20, 2008, 10:57:34 AM »
Swamimalai is a small village near Kumbakonam, in Tamil Nadu.
There is a Skanda Temple, here, where Skanda is called Swami Natha.
Swami in Sanskrit Amarakosa refers always to Skanda, as Swami
is the name of Vivekananada in SRK Math usage.  He is the Master,
Natha for Siva, because, it is here Skanda explained the Pranava
mantra to Siva!  Skanda is here, without Valli and Deivayana, two
consorts.  He is wearing a codpiece and holding a staff, as an asectic.
It is here and in Pazhani, Skanda is in this form.  There is no natural
mountain in Swamimalai.  The small Hills here is man-made, done
by Kulottunga Chozha II. 

The song reads like this:

There are women on the streets, who are gossiping with full
   venom about me,
The otherwise cool moon, is red, above the ocean and is
   burning me with its Sun-like rays!
The god of love, with his sugarcane and flower arrows is
    always aiming at me,
My mind is getting agitated and my breasts are swelling with
O Skanda with a Spear that pierces the Krouncha Hills into two parts,
O Skanda, the god of Tiru Erakam*, shining with Effulgence!
O the Poet who knows all the Vedas and the Tamil scriptures!
O the god who removed the handcuffs of Hari, Brahma and others!**

(* Tiru Erekam is a classical name for Swamimalai.  This name is
found even in ancient Tamil poems like Tiru Murugatrupadai, 2 c.AD.
** Hari, Brahma and other devas were imprisoned by Sura Padma,
and after killing him, Skanda released them from prisons.)

(Tiruppugazh - Tamil Verses - Tiruppugazh Devotees Group,
New Delhi.  Prose rendering, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.