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Velligaram Tiruppugazh
« on: November 16, 2008, 11:14:37 AM »
Velligaram is a small village near Tiruttani, one of the six famous
abodes of Skanda.  There is a Tiruppugazh of Arunagiri Natha,
about Skanda of this village temple.

O, you went to Valli, with face like lotus and eyes like arrows,  and
                    her in the millet fileds, in Velligaram, and told her:
"Please come, my town is only 20 miles* away, and there is
           only a tank and paddy fields in between", O lovely Muruga!
'O Father, this is my offering' so saying Kannappa, gave you the
     saliva ridden flesh and you ate that and did a lot of divine plays**,
                  He is Pure Siva and you are his son!
When Saint Nakkirar*** praised you as a Master of Hills, you took
   him in a flood of grace and bliss and youn are beyond hundred
   thousand types of living beings!
He is having a mace, bow and arrow, a disc and a conchshell,
      he is Gopala, Devaki's son, he moved with the poundstone like
      a thief, but stood as an innocent boy before Mahabali, he
      is Narayana and you punished his son****
You stay and play  in Vayalur***** with paddy fields, and went
      to Velligaram to seek Valli, O Muruga, with the Spear,  the darling
      of devas!

(This song gives details of some avataras of Vishnu.  * The twenty
miles are indicated as 3.5. kathams, an old measurement. **  Divine
plays of Siva with Kannappa, are the stories of getting blood in one
eye first and after Kannappa gave his eye, the blood oozed from the
second eye and Kannappa was about to give his second eye and then
Siva appeared before him. *** Saint Nakkirar was doing penance in
a jungle near Madurai, and when his concentration wavered, a
demon took him and imprisoned.  When Saint Nakkirar sang Tiru
Murugatruppadai, a Tamil song, Muruga appeared before him and
saved him. ****  Muruga punished Brahma, Narayana's son, for
not knowing the purport of Pranava mantra. ***** Vayalur is a
town near Tiruchy where there is a Muruga temple.)

(Source: Tiruppugazh, Tamil Songs, Tiruppugazh Devotees Group,
New Delhi.  Prose rendering, mine.)

Arunachala Siva.