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Children's Day 2008
« on: November 14, 2008, 10:00:27 AM »
Today is Children's Day, 14th November.  I was thinking about the
children, who came in Bhagavan Ramana's life.  There could be many
more, about whom details are not available.

The first batch is, Vilacheri Rangan, Sab Jan Wahab and Mani Iyer,
the famous Pokkiri Mani, rogue Mani!  These were His childhood
friends and they all came to see Him on the Hills later.  Then there
is the neighbourhood girl, whom Mother Azhagmma had said, would
be His wife!  But the girl's mother, had said:L  "O how can I give my
daughter to this chap, who is wearing a koupina and doing oddjobs
to mother?" 

On the Hills, there were many children.  There were urchins who
threw stones at Him in Patala Lingam.  Then, there was the boy,
who saw the tattered towel of Bhagavan Ramana and mischeivously
said: "Please give this towel, the Governor is asking for it!"  Bhagavan
Ramana said:  "No, tell Governor that I am not giving the towel!"
There was again a terrribe boy who urinated on Bhagavan Ramana
and went away running with "his achievement and glory"!  Then
there was a young boy, who came and pitied Bhagavan Ramana's
"poor condition" and said:  "O You have also come away from home
like me!  You come with me as a child labour to my boss.  He will
give you work for food sometime.  Thereafter, he would give 3 pica
per day!"

Then, there were girl children.  Rajamma, who used to paint nicely
and who played with Bhagavan Ramana.  Bhagavan combed her hair
and put two plaits on her hair!  She has later, made a beautiful painting
of Bhagavan Ramana, sitting on a peacock like Skanda.  This painting
is even now available in the Lunch Hall of Asram.  Then, there was
Chellmmal, Echammal's daughter, who carried  food to Bhagavan 
Ramana from her grand mother. 

Later in the Old Hall, one young boy came and got cured of his
blindness, and another of his night blindness.  One young boy
gave a scholarly lecture in front of Bhagavan Ramana on Vedas
and Upanihads for more than two hours.  After that he had kept
quiet and looked at Bhagavan Ramana and cried:  "I am not yet
self realized.  Please grace me!"

Wordworth says in his Ode on Immortality:

The child is father of the man,
And I wish my day to be,
Bound each to each with natural piety!
There was the time,
When meadows, groves and streams,
Apparelled in celestial light,
In the glory and the freshness of a dream!

Arunachala Siva.