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Miracles do happen
« on: November 13, 2008, 11:08:06 AM »
When Bhagavan Ramana was on the Hills, one day, he had no
appetite, and so he wanted to fast the whole day.  He started
doing around the Hills.  Suddenly around 12 noon, seven village
ladies, who appeared to have come for picking twigs and leaves,
came in front of Him and wanted to have some water.  Bhagavan
Ramana showed the spring nearby and he even picked water and
poured it on the hands.  After washing face and drinking, they sat
for food and asked Bhagavan to partake.  Each one gave a portion
from their gunny bags and Bhagavan Ramana had his stomach full.
Then, He proceeded further to walk, thinking that his stomach has
become more than full.  Around 3 pm, the women appeared again,
before Him and sat for food and literally compelled Him to partake.
They gave again some rice and curry and He looked their bags.
They were all empty.  They had not come to pick leaves and twigs
but to feed Him!  He was wondering about the incident.  The devotees
say that these seven women are Seven Virgins, the assistants of Unnamulai!  As if this was not adequate, Manavasi Ramaswami Iyer
came to Bhagavan Ramana, around 6 pm with two large mangoes
boiled in rasam, think pepper gravy.  He had to eat them too!

This incidentally, srkudai, speaks about the first verse of Upadesa
Saram.  Good acts produce results that are not apprehensible,
even for Bhagavan Ramana!

From that day, Bhagavan decided not to plan anything even about

Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Miracles do happen
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2008, 07:16:29 PM »
Dear Subramaniyan ji

From this post I learnt one thing, we should not think not only food but how it is served to us. Being a pure vegetarian, I always have the problem wherever I go. I take this way, Bhagavan teaches me tolerance. We cannot plan anything.
In life everything happens opposite way. Seeing this again my mind spins lots of bad and good karma, punyam and papam etc. etc. So now after seeing all upasesha saram, nothing is under our control. It happens. It happens itself. Every incident is a movie which is going on my consiousness.