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Chidambaram Tiruppugazh
« on: November 12, 2008, 11:53:05 AM »
There is one song sung in Chidambaram, in Tiruppugazh of Saint
Arunagiri Natha.  The song is simple beautiful for its meaning.

The bones, the skin, the hair, the nerves, and the flesh, with
these this stream like body is made; it contains the blood, urine
and excreta and also a fluid called the brain and a liquid ocean
called the blood with all its worms and germs!

This suffers from heaving, anaemia, osteoprosis, arthritis,
asthma, bronchitis, stomach aches, breathelessness, piles,
hernia and hydrceles.

It sometimes has got high fever, diabetes, deafness, lameness,
heart ache, blindness, knee joint pains, dumbness, ring worms,
mums, goitre and what not?

I am thinking that this lousy body is permanent and am drunk
with pride and arrogance, and I suffer from all sorts of karmas,
when can I be saved, when can I find our golden feet and when
shall I get the grace and love of Jnana Sadasiva?  O Muruga please save me!

When the demons came with arrogance and with a war cry,
you annihilated them and made a huge heap of mud made of
their bones, flesh and blood, you stormed the Krouncha Mountain,
O what mighty Spear have you got?

The dame with golden shoulders, she made all this universe, and
demanded (!) worship for her, she is the Mother, she is the Parabari,
she mounts the old bull, she is Sivakami, the consort of Siva!

He just pressed his toe, when Ravana came to lift the Himalayas,
with his shoulders and hands and he fell down groaning in pain,
and he cried Sivaya Namo, Sivaya Namo!  He is the Sambhu, and you
are his beloved son!

You married that hunter girl with breasts like mountains and
with her embrace, you are staying near the Northern Towers*
of Chidambram, O my Lord, please grace me!         

(* Muruga or Skanda near the Northern towers of Chidambram
temple is called Pandya Nayaka, the king of Pandyas.)

(Source: Tiruppugazh, Tiruppugazh Devotees Group, New Delhi.,)

Arunachala Siva.