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Miracles do happen
« on: November 11, 2008, 03:15:58 PM »
There were also miracles in Bhagavan Ramana's daily life.  These
were concerned about His own essential needs. 

Once when Bhagavan Ramana was having constipation, He felt
some amount of dry grapes would release the bowels.  Perhaps,
someone was asked to fetch and he had forgotten.  Ramana did
not puruse.  Suddenly, on an early night, a devotee came with a
packet of dry grapes.  On being asked whether someone had told
him, he said, 'No', but said:  I was coming to the Asram and it
was early night.  No fruits were available.  Then I saw a provision
shop and asked him, what he could give as gifts.  He said, Sir, new
dry grapes have come and he gave a packet of dry grapes.  So I
brought them, instead of usual fruits!"  Bhagavan took some of them
and He got relieved.

On another occasion, for a similar problem, He had been asking for
some kadukkai, Indian myrobalan and it was not fetched.
Suddenly a devotee brought a large bag of Indian myrobalan.  He
said:  I was coming on the Chengam road.  There were leaking from
gunny bags, these nuts of kadukkai.  I picked them as they were
scattered on the road and I brought them.

Bhagavan Ramana picked some good nuts and returned the remaining nuts in the bag, back to the devotee!

(Source:  Various biographies of Bhagavan Ramana.)

Arunachala Siva.