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Kunchitanghristavam - 5
« on: November 10, 2008, 03:15:52 PM »
Umapati Sivam closes the Hymn, with these verses:

Listening, constantly listening, with full attention to His Pure deeds,
Drinking, constanting drinking with my tongue, the wine of His
   lotus feet in the Sabha,
Remembering, constantly remembering Him the Lord of my heart,
Seeing, constantly seeing Him Who is the culmination of Vedas,
Who being pleased is the giver of enjoyment and salvation,
I am enlightened by His great eye of Wisdom,
Him Whose foot is curved, I worship.

Those mortals, who read every day, this Hymn, the product of
   my eloquence,
I who am Umapati, in praise of Sambhu,
Who performs the Dance of Supreme Bliss,  in the Hall of
Will first win all they desire in this world, wife, son and so on,
And at the end for sure, His foot, the state called Pure Awareness,

I Umapati by name, in the forest dwelling stage of my life,
When I had uttered this royal hymn of praise of the blessed
  curved foot,
In three hundred and thirteen verses,
Saw with my own eyes, the Dance of the Lord of the Hall!

(Source:  The Dance of Siva, David Smith.  Cambridge University
Press, Cambridge, UK)

Arunachala Siva.