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Kunchitanghristavam - 3
« on: November 10, 2008, 11:55:45 AM »
Kunchtanghristavam, also describes the dance of Siva, after
the sages of Dharuka forest were humbled.

Vishnu, who came as Siva's wife, narrates, in verse 13.1 - 74:

And I shall tell how I behaved to all their husbands,
great souled ascetics that they were,
even in front of their wives.

I instantly became a woman,
such that the great sages would think of me,
neither chaste nor a courtesan,
and stood beside the Great Lord,
who was gently laughing!

Looking intently on my face,
supremely intent, as if upon Brahman,
they committed a succession of offences,
bringing about rebirth for themselves.

Then some of the old men among them,
Rich in ascetism, were extremely angry,
'Who is this man in the guise of a Kapalika,
A skull bearer, who has boldly come into our hermitages,
And at once puts an end,
to the conjugal fidelity of excellent wives,
-- 'fidelity that is the foundation of the universe,'
They released the arrows of fierce curses,

They released them and saw them straight back,
without hitting Him.
The fury of all those eminent sages were not allayed

Some maintaining restraint
tended the pits of their sacrificial fires,
-- as though they wanted Him to stop
and perform the Tandava dance.

I worship Him
that friend of Kubera, the Lord of Wealth,
Whose foot is curved.

(Source:  The Dance of Siva, David Smith, Cambridge University
Press, Cambridge, UK.)

Arunachala Siva.