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Vel Vaguppu
« on: November 05, 2008, 04:56:07 PM »
Vel Vaguppu, the Glory of the Vel, the Spear, is another beautiful
song of Saint Arunagiri Natha and forms part of about 20 such
Vaguppus, of Tiruppugazh.  Bhagavan Ramana used to like this
song very much and listened intently whenever A. Devaraja Mudaliar,
sang this song in the Hall.  It is a long poem. Bhagavan Ramana also
used to dramatize the descriptions in this poem.

The Spear is like the sharp black eyes of Valli, the consort of Muruga,
  with  large breasts, slender waist, white smile, and jet black hair
  and red lips.

The Spear is like the single sharp tusk of Vinayaka, with elephant
   face, large ears and waters oozing out from his head.

The Spear, will break the caves for the sake of the poems of
   the great Tamil poet Nakkirar, when he was imprisoned in a cave.

The Spear will be hungry to eat the flesh of demons, who were
   smashed by Skanda,

The Spear will annihilate the dangers that come for Devas, the Sages,
   Indra, the god of death, Vishnu and the humans.

The Spear will shine like the Sun, and shower the cool rays of the
   moon and heat like the Great Fire of Vata muka agni.

The Spear will destroy those who plan troubles for the praying
   devotees, and their kith and kin.

The Spear will vanquish the miseries from the enemies of the
   devotees, who read Tirup Pugazh and establish Dharma.

The Spear will create fears in death god, if he comes to do harm
  to the devotees, the Spear shines like the anklets of Siva, who
  wears the crescent moon and "erukku" flowers.

The Spear will give food to the devils in the battle fields, by killing
  the demons.

The Spear will be the unseen support to me, in day and night, whenever
   I walk on a lonely road without anyone.

The Spear will wear the red instestines of the demons, who come
    to the battle field to get killed.

The Spear will consume the waters of ocean and then fill them
    with the blood of enemies and play.

The Spear will fly in the Space, as the mountains whose wings,
   Indra failed to snap.

The Spear will bite the severed heads of the demons in the battle
   field, with open mouth, as if laughing.

The Spear will remain in my Heart, the Spear of the God of Tiruttani, the
  great Ruler, who rides on the peacock.

(Source: Vel Vaguppu, Tamil, Tiruppugazh Devotees Trust
  Publication, New Delhi. Translation, my own. )

Arunachala Siva.