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Plucking flowers for Siva
« on: November 04, 2008, 01:45:55 PM »
The "Plucking of flowers for Siva", is a composition, called in Tamil,
"Tirup Poovalli" and it is of twenty verses, in Tiruvachakam.  This
song was composed in Chidambaram, Thillai.  Muruganar has also
composed a Tirup Poovalli, which is of 31 verses, in Sri Ramana
Sannidhi Murai.

Verse 1 of Manikkavachagar's composition reads like this:

O, once you had placed your two incomparable feet, on my head,
I have forsaken all my family and relatives for the good,
You dance in Tiruc Chitrambalam, (the Golden court of Chidambaram),
        which is having ever flowing streams,
O let us pluck flowers, singing his feet that are boats for us
        to cross the ocean of samsara!

Verse 3 reads like this:

He takes care of us who are lowlier than lowly dogs,
He, our Master,  is more graceful than even our mothers,
He destroyed our births and we are,
Throwing mud at your 'karmas', let us pluck flowers!

Arunachala Siva.