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Sri Ramana Tiruvembavai
« on: November 03, 2008, 02:41:57 PM »
Tiruvembavai, is one of the two compositions sung by Saint
Manikkavachagar in Tiruvannamalai.  These songs are being
sung right from Bhagavan Ramana's times in the Asram, on the
early mornings of Margazhi, Dec-Jan.  Sri Ramana Tiruvembavai,
is a composition by Muruganar, in adoration of Ramana.  It contains
33 verses, (Manikkavchagar's contain 20 verses), in the same
vein as Saint's work.   It is imaged like women singing glories of
Siva, and asking each other to wake up in the early morning to take
bath in tanks or rivers and then going to Siva, for worship. 

The Verse 7 reads:

" O He is of eight forms, he has got attire of eight directions,
He knows eight siddhis, He is eight of characteristics,
He is staying in eight temples* in the form of Angry pose, He
  is Annamalai,
He is also in the Heart of the devotees, He is Venkata Ramana,
If we come under His rule and get His cool looks,
If we stay at His feet, whose face is like moon,
We can get mindless state and fulfil our purpose, O come!"

(* There are eight temples, in which Siva stays after annihilation
of opponents like, god of death, Manmatha, Daksha and others.)

Verse 19 reads:

O Venkata Ramanan is full of bliss of limitless nectar,
His smile is like limitless nectar,
His benign looks are like limitless nectar,
His cool words are like limitless nectar,
His ancient Feet are like limitless nectar,
His great qualities are like limitless nectar,
His ocean of conduct is like limitless nectar,
Let us bathe in that nectar, O come!"     
(Source: Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai, Murganar, 1998 Tamil
edition. Translation, my own.)

Arunachala Siva.