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Sri Ramana Ucchishtam
« on: November 02, 2008, 11:02:30 AM »
In the Asram, after Bhagavan Ramana has finished His meal,
any devotee on any devotee would love to eat on the same leaf
plate, taking even the left overs. (There won't be any left overs
mostly.)  This is usually a practise in Hindu customs, to eat on the
same leaf plate of Guru.  After Bhagavan Ramana observed this
practice, He stopped it forthwith, by taking the leaf plate Himself
and throwing it in the dustbin.  Till that time, that practise of
eating on the same leaf plate was continuing.  One day Muruganar,
wanted to eat on the same leaf plate, but authorities forbade him,
saying that Mudaliar Patti's (a non Brahmin), rice had been served
there, and so, it was not proper to eat!  What a custom!    Muruganar
left bad about this prohibition and was sad about his misfortune.
So, he composed a poem on that occasion.  This verse called Sri
Ramana Ucchishtam, runs like this:

O it is the birth, a birth of a lowly dog given by Brahma, who
   does neither know the Vedas, nor the art of creation!

This body wanted eagerly your left overs, and I prayed your
golden feet, full of merit!

Even that, this body could not get, and it should have been better
born as a dog than a brahmin!

O What a sad birth is this?
Arunachala Siva.