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Desika Padigam
« on: November 02, 2008, 10:52:36 AM »
Desika Padigam, of Muruganar, the first compostion on Bhagavan
Ramana, is a wonderful piece.  It appears as one of the decads
in Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai, Song on the Holy Presence of Sri
Ramana.  Verse 3 has got a delightful description.  The verse reads:

O Guru, Ramanadeva, It is okay when you Siva, came down
to Tiruvannamalai,

You were hiding the crescent moon, the Ganga, and the third
    eye on your forehead!

You were hiding the deer, the hand drum, and the fire from
    your four lotus hands! 

You were hiding the honey laden Indian labumnum, on your
   tresses, it is all okay!

But how come, you are hiding the blue coloured poison* from your
   throate, O tell me, my Lord! 

(*All the others, viz., the crescent moon, the Ganga, the third
    eye, the deer, the hand drum, and the fire and the Indian
    labumnum are all your ornaments, worn on occasions, but
    the blue poison staying in your throat, is part of your Personality,
    how come you are hiding that even in this Avatara?)

The poison was allowed to stay permanently inside the throat,
by Mother Unnamulai, because, it would harm the living  beings
of the universe, if it is spitted out.  It cannot also go into His stomach,
because all the living beings inside his Space will also die.  Hence,
it is retained in the throat.  The third eye, which is also part of His
body, is shown only occasionally, as in the case of burning the love god,
but not always.  Hence Muruganar wonders why Ramana is hiding
even that poison in the thorat!)

(Sri Ramana Sanndihi Murai, 1998 Tamil edition of Sri
  Ramanasramam, translation my own.)

Arunachala Siva.