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Karadhala Bhiksha
« on: October 30, 2008, 12:40:05 PM »
During His times in the Hllls, Bhagavan Ramana has been fed
sumptuously on one or two occasions, by devotees who took Him
to their home or Mutt.  He was served a lot of dishes on a large
plate-leaf and fed on those occasions.  However, Bhagavan Ramana,
had usually liked to take alms on His hands and eat them.  When
Pazhaniswami and a few other devotees came live permanently
with Him, alms were collected on a pot and shared equally.

I remember my younger days when I was fed by my grandmother,
along with other grandchildren.  The old lady used to bring curd
bath or sambhar bath in a vessel, and used to give each one handful.
As Bhagavan Ramana said, this food taken on hands has got
some advantages.  Firstly, each one takes what is adequate for him,
and finishes the meal, as soon as he is adequately fed.  Secondly,
as a corallary, there is no danger of being overserved and wasting
food.  Thirdly, it reduces the work both for the server and the
consumer of food.  There is no throwing out the leaf plate or
washing the plates.  All are simultaneously fed and everyone is happy!

Arunachala Siva.