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Thyaga Brahmam
« on: October 27, 2008, 08:14:01 PM »
Dear sirs,

As Sankra  and Bhagavan says, through bhakti we can become brahamam, we got a saint Thyagaraja.
He sang whole Ramayana sloka in Telugu keerthana. Every musician knows and sings his songs. Once Thyagaraja
went to have Darshan of Thrupathi Balaji. As the puja all over the archaga drew the curtain. Thyagaraja
was very impatient to have darshan of Balaji. He sang THERA THIYAGA RADHA..  means can you remove
the curtain please. Immedietly the curtiain was removed on itself and Thyagaraja had darshan of Balaji. After having the discussion in this forum about the mind, its impurity and how to clean the mind
etc. etc. unless we remove our mind we cannot see SELF. So now I think Thyagaraja might have sung
in the meaning to remove the mind curtain to see God.