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Saint Manikkavachagar - 19
« on: October 27, 2008, 06:59:06 PM »
The next of the twin compositions is Kovil Tirup Padigam,
Decad on Kovil, Chidambaram, (the younger one!).This was
also composed in Chidambram.

Verse 7:-

You graced me today, like the Sun
 which drives the darkness, and rises on the Eastern Sky
I thought about your effulgence, without any thoughts!
I know now, only you alone are!
Approaching, approaching, like an atom I dwindled
And United with you, the King of Tirup Perundurai!
You are the Only One, One without a second! Where am I?
  I am in You!  Who can understand you and still stand away from you?

Verse 10:-

O, you have given you to me and then taken me from me!
   Who is wiser than the two?
I got the limitless Bliss, what have you got from me, this lowly dog!
You have taken my Heart as your Temple, O my Master,
   the King of Tirup-Perundurai!
O my father, you have occupied my body as your abode,
     what gratitude  can I give to you?

Arunachala Siva.