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Saint Manikkavachagar - 18
« on: October 27, 2008, 06:22:47 PM »
The Saint then moves to Thillai, Chidambaram, the Goal.  Here,
he sings two songs, the first is called Kovil Mootha Tirup-Padigam,
the Elder Decad on Kovil.  This is easily one of the best pieces of
entire Tiruvachakam.

The Siva Sakti Concorporateness:

Verse 1:-

You keep your wife within you.  Your are within your wife!
But both of you are within me*!
O you bless me to be within the company of your ardent devotees!
O Lord of Golden Court,**  Please you fulfil my union with you,
   the primordial and endless!

(* Both are within me, Brahman and maya!
** Chidambaram, is called Ponnambalam in Tamil, the Golden
      Court, because the sanctum sanctorum is roofed with golden
      tiles, by King Anabhaya Kulothungan in 3rd Century A.D.)

Verse 5:

O King, the Lord of the Golden Court, I always seek Your Grace!
I am waiting like a stark waiting at the bank of the river to
   pick a fish to pick you!
You had come and shown your effulgent form to all devotees,
But to me, you are silent like the butter in the set curds and milk!*

(* Look at the imagery.  Brahman is a silent Witness, like the
 butter inside the setting curds.  He reveals only when He chooses
 to reveal to you!)

No doubt Bhagavan used to shed profuse tears whenever
Tiruvachakam was sung in melodious music, with all words
properly pronounced!

Arunachala Siva.