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Saint Manikkavachagar - 11
« on: October 27, 2008, 12:44:11 PM »
Then comes the famous, Tiru Undiyar, the compositon of twenty
verses, called the "Game of Undipara."  Unidpara, is a game of
young girls, where they stand on their toes, and give a posture
as if they are jumping, and sing songs.  This composition speaks
about the Victory of Jnana.  When Muruganar composed about
the story of Siva, vanquishing the sages of Dharuka forest, who
believed that only Karma will confer liberation, he requested Bhagavan
Ramana to compose the last thirty verses as Siva speaking about
the glory of Jnana to the sages.  This was done by Bhagavan in
the same metre as Manikkavachagar's and this came to be
called the famous Upadesa Undiyar, the Upadesa Saram.  The
metre is called Kalit Thazhisai in Tamil, a song of three lines.
I have already promised to srkudai to post some translations of
Upadesa Saram, on the lines of the commentary by Sri Sadhu Om
and T.R. Kanakammmal, which I hope to do early.

In Tiru Undiyar, one song runs like this:

O how come Vishnu, who took the preliminary prasad* of the sacrifice
Was left unhurt and not killed by Siva?
It is a wonder, because he is the father of Brahma?**

(* preliminary sacrifice is havir bagha, which is given to priests
     before the commencement of yaga. 
  ** Vishnu was left because he is the father of Brahma, and
     Siva did not want to hurt both father and son!  Further
      Vishnu had plucked one eye of him, in lieu of a rose, and
      prayed to Siva, earlier!)

Another song runs like this:

He hurt the nose of Sarasvati, he snapped one of the heads
    of Brahma
He smashed the face of Soma, the moon,
Why?  It is all to belittle and vanquish their egos!

Another song runs like this:

He saw the demon, whose chariot was stopped  and who
  came to life the Kailas!
He smashed  two times, five heads each!
He smashed two time, five hands each!
(All to vanquish his fattened ego!)

This about Ravana.   
Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Saint Manikkavachagar - 11
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2008, 02:58:57 PM »
Dear sir,

When Vishnu was worshiping Shiva with 1000 lotus, he found one lotus was missing. Therefore, as His eyes are like lotus, ( He is called kamala nethra)  He plucked His own eye and offered to Shiva. Please do not mistake me. I was told in this way.
I may be wrong. I have not read any book completely. I have very little knowledge here and there. That is all.

Sometimes I used to wonder. Shiva has got already 3 eyes. but still Vishnu and Kannapa Nayanar both offered another two eyes. Any(kavi) good tamil poet could have song on these incident.



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Re: Saint Manikkavachagar - 11
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2008, 04:07:39 PM »
Vishnu while doing pooja with lotus flowers, found one lotus short,
and he plucked his eye which is kamala netra, pundarika aksha, and
he finished his pooja.  Siva did not ask for his eye.  Vishnu offered
his in liue of one lotus.  Siva commended his bhakti and gave him
the Chakra.  This is the story.  This comes also in Tiruvachakam.
Siva in that temple, is called Netra Arpana Isvarar.  On another
occasion, Siva had a curse, because he killed several fellows in
Daksha Yagna.  So Siva was asked to do penance to Vishnu and
he did and it was in a Vishnu temple and Vishnu in that temple
is called Hara Sabha Vimochakar.  Both the temples are in
Thanjavur District, in Tamil Nadu.

Kannappa's case was different.  Siva 'acted' as if He has got
bleeding eyes to test Kannappa.  Kannappa's bhakti became well
known through his sacrfice of both the eyes. Manikkavachagar
is never tired of praising Hunter Kannappa.

There is a Ninda Stuti about Siva's three eyes.  I think I have
written about this already.  One saint poet asks Siva:  What is
great about you?  You have got 3 eyes of which one and a half
eyes belong to my Mother Unnamulai.  The rest is only one a half
eyes.  Even in that, one eye has been given by Kannappa.  You have
in reality only one half of an eye which you can call as your own!
I think this is from Guhai Namasivaya of Tiruvannamalai! 

Arunachala Siva.