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Saint Manikkavachagar - 6
« on: October 27, 2008, 11:41:25 AM »
The saint moved from Madurai, to various places of pilgrimage, as
mentioned above.  He sang a series of songs, about 10, thinking
himself as a maid and preparing several things for the bath of Siva,
and then sending cuckoo and other beings as messengers to Siva,
to inform his love for Him.

One such song is Tirup Porchunnam, a decad describing the pounding
of nice bathing powder for Siva's bath!  The bathing powder consists
of gold spangles, turmeric, sandalwood, kasturi, and what not?

One song runs like this:

We shall have a stone pit, bigger than this world!
And a thistle bigger than the straightened rainbow!
All devotees are offering to do the work of thistling!
All the world is waiting to see our work!
He is the One who takes care of the welfare of His devotees!
He is the One who gives his flowery feet for us to wear!
He is the son-in-law of the Mountain*
We shall sing and sing and thistle the Por Chunnam!

(* Son in law of Himavavan, Parvati's father!)

Another song is like this:

We shall take bath and wear the Holy Ash!
We shall spread the golden spangles all over our house!
We shall plant Karpaga trees in front of the house as a sign!
We shall hoist the flag of Effulgence as a mark of celebration!
He is the King of devas, he is the god of Brahma,
He is the protector of Vishnu on the sea bed!
He is the father of Great Velan*
He is going to rule us, he is our husband!
We shall thistle the Por Chunnam for his holy bath!

These were sung in Chidambaram, called Thillai.

Arunacahla Siva.