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Saint Manikkavachagar - 4
« on: October 27, 2008, 10:39:47 AM »
The first of the two compositions sung in Tiruvannamalai was
Tiruvembavai.  It is the early morning song, before bath, when
each maiden wakes up another and then all go for a river bath.
It is the early morning, before the redness of dawn appears on the
eastern sky.   This song is full of praise on Siva's Feet.  This reminds
of Muruganar's Pada Malai.  The feet always represent the Sivahood.

One song runs like this:

Your flowery feet go beyond the seven nether worlds.  Vishnu as
a boar failed to reach them!  These are beyond any words.  But
they remain at my head ever present and easy to reach!  This is
to where all the Vedas fail to fathom and are beyond reach.  They
say that Brahma and Vishnu and all devas and all the brahmins in the
world daily pray to these feet.  But these are available to us in
Tiruvannamalai temple.  He is our 'man' in the temple.  He is the
'boy' in our temple.  Blemishless and our petboy!  Who is His name?
What is His town? Who is His close relative?  Who is far away from Him?  What are the ways to sing His glory?

One another song in Tiruvembavai, runs like this:

"He is Annamalai!  The devas in countless numbers come and prostrate  Him.  The rubies on their crowns have lost their redness near His
ruby feet!  How is this?  It is like, stars losing their lustre, at the
red dawn before the sunrise!  He is a woman, he is a man, he is a neuter, he is the Space, he is the earth, He is not any of these but something
different!  His feet are Nectar for our eyes.  O girls!  Please drown
in the river waters joyfully and sing, drown in such a way that the
cool waters in the tanks of Tiruvannamalai, further inflate your breasts which are already brimming with bliss!

The 20th song in the composition is a diamond.  It runs like this:

Glory to His primordial flowers like feet!
Glory to His endless flowers like feet!
Glory to His golden feet, which cause the beginning of the lives!
Glory to His golden flowery feet, which is the Bliss for all lives!
Glory to His golden feet which are the Abode of all lives!
Glory to His lotus feet, which are yet to be seen by Brahma and Vishnu!
Glory to His golden feet, which is ruling and taking in the end, all the lives!
Glory to His feet, let us bathe in this cool Margazhi morning!

The Tiruvembavai songs were being sung in the Asram at around 4 am,
when Bhagavan and all the devotees finish their bath and sit in the
Old Hall.  This practice even today continues in the Margazhi months.
Bhagavan Ramana used to sit and listen to these songs in a state
of all pervading Grace!

Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Chandrasekara Sarasvati was the  one who
was responsible for spreading Tiruppavai and Tiruvembavai, singing
the glory of Vishnu and Siva, amongst all young boys and girls in
Tamil Nadu.  He distributed the small books of these songs free of charge
in all places.

Arunachala Siva.