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Vasanas and self enquiry
« on: October 26, 2008, 01:38:57 PM »
Once a devotee asked Annamalai Swami, about the vasanas
coming up one and after another.

Annamalai Swami replied:

Your thoughts arise on a moment-to-moment basis because
of your vasanas. But it is a mistake to think that you can do
nothing about them.  You can interested in them, or you can
ignore them.  If you show interest in them, they will persist and
you will get caught up in them.  If you ignore them and keep
your mind attention on the Source, they will not develop. And
when they don't develop, they disappear. 

In Who am I? Bhagavan compared this process to laying siege
to a fort, if you cut off, one by one, the heads of the thoughts,
as they come out of the fort of the mind, sooner or later, there
will be none left. The way to do this is self-enquiry.  As each
thought rises, you ask yourself: To whom does this thought
appear? If you are vigilant in doing this, the forest of thoughts
will lessen and lessen, until there are none left.  When the thoughts
have gone, mind will sink into its Source and experience that Source.

(Credits:  Annamalai Swami - Final Talks : Ed. David Godman.)

Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Vasanas and self enquiry
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2008, 12:13:28 PM »
Dear Subramaian,
                       Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa said if a guest comes to our house if we respect and pay attention to him he feels like staying in our house.If we are aloof towards the guest he will go away because nobody is paying attention to him and his needs are not looked after.
Similarly if we resect and pay attention to the tendencies they stay forever in our mind but if we are aloof towards them in course of time
they loose their strength and gradually diasappear because it is we who give strength to the tendencies.


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Re: Vasanas and self enquiry
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2008, 01:20:36 PM »
Dear srkudai and Dr. Raju,

Yes.  Bhagavan Ramana once told His devotees, who wanted to
apply oils on his knees for rheumatism, "See, if you take very
good care of this like you do for your guests, then it shall remain
for ever.  Please forget it and ignore it.  If you pay less attention
to a guest, he will go away quickly from your house."

All Brahma Jnanis have said identical things in life.  Because
they are Brahman and there is nothing other than Brahman.

Arunachala Siva.