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Thoughts and personality
« on: October 24, 2008, 03:43:50 PM »
On seeing various disputations and arguments amongst inmates
in the Asram, a devotee asked Bhagavan Ramana: "Why these
people are behaving like this, even after coming to the Asram?"
Bhagavan Ramana said smilingly, "What to do?  All that is inside
has to come out.   Even without anything inside, nothing will come
out.  Whether it is good or bad that is coming out, it is all good for them."

The devotee further asked:  "Jnanis are like mirror. So all the thoughts
of the people nearby, be they good or bad, are coming out, is it not?"

Bhagavan answered: "Yes.  The thoughts of good and bad people
are reflecting in My Presence. What can one do about it?  I shall
give you an example.  Whenever Annamalai Swami came into the Hall,
I asked him some details about the construction work.  Once a devotee
asked me, "Why are you always asking Annamalai Swami, about
construction details, without giving him any upadesa?",  I answered:
"What to do?  Whenever he comes inside the Hall,  I only see buildings
and not Annamalai Swami.  Further, only when I ask details about
construction activities, he is satisfied.  It does not mean that he is
not doing meditation or vichara.  His thoughts are always about construction and he gets satisfied if I ask him for such details with
great interest.  His bhavana is satisfied.  Yat bhavam, tat bhavati..."

The same Annamalai Swami was, after 12 years, instructed by
Bhagavan to do atma vichara.  He did it faithfully, all his doubts
were clarified and he attained Self Realization in a few years therefter!

(Source: Sri Ramansramam - Vazhvum Ninaivum - Tamil.
                 Suri Nagamma.)

Arunachala Siva.