Author Topic: Plagiriasing poems to adore Bhagavan Ramana  (Read 2077 times)


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Plagiriasing poems to adore Bhagavan Ramana
« on: October 24, 2008, 02:33:37 PM »
Plagiarising poems to adore Bhagavan Ramana or tto show  Him
the poetic abilities were common in the Asram.  On Jayanti Days,
many learned scholars would read their poems in His Presence.
Bhagavan Ramana Himself was a great Tamil poet and He composed
in Sanskrit, poems, with Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni's brief teaching
of Sanskrit chandhas.  He also translated His own Tamil poems in
Telugu and Malayalam.  Once He translated Vichara Mani Mala of
Swami Nichaladas into Tamil and someone else claimed to have done
this translation!  Bhagavan who had no desire for authorship for any
works, left it at that.  That is why in Bhagavan Ramana's Complete
Works, Tamil, Vichara Mani Mala  Tamil translation does not find a
place even today!

Once a Telugu lady took Swami Yatla Ramadas poems on Rama and
substituted the word Ramana for Rama and read some poems as her
own in the Hall.  Everyone appreciated the style and cadence of the
poem and even offered to translate them into other languages!  When
this came to the notice of Suri Nagamma, she found out the fraud
and told everyone.  

Bhagavan simply lauged at the whole incident and said:  Rama
and Ramana are one and the same.  Rama is Surya ganam and
Ramana is n-gunam, and so this is also a Surya ganam!

Earlier when He was in the Hills, one Perumal Swami, plagriazed
Ramalinga Swamigal's poems on Rama called Rama Padigam.
By changing Rama into Ramana, he brought a poem of ten verses.
Muruganar appreciated the poems and wanted to add them in
the Asram's Note book which contained all such poems of devotees.
Bhagavan felt some doubt and asked for Ramalinga Swamigal's
Tiru Arutpa, a huge collection of the saint's poems and found out
the plagiarism.

Any person somewhat learned in one's own lanugage, cannot resist
writing poems on Bhagavan Ramana.  Once in Tiruvannamlai Morvi
Guest House, I felt an irresistable temptation to write a poem on
Bhagavan Ramana.  Plagiarism always comes handy.  I slightly
altered the famous poem of Pachai-mal-malai-pol meni of Azhwar
and wrote one on Bhagavan Ramana.

The connection between Tiruvannamalai and Tamil poetry is
unquestionable.  Right from the Siva saints, Tiru Jnana Sambandhar,
Sundaramoorthy, Manikkavachakar, through Arunagiri Natha,
Guhai Namasivaya and Guru Namasivaya, to Bhagavan Ramana,
the tradtion of Tamil poetry is flourishing.

(Source: Sri Ramansramam - Vazhvum Ninaivum, Tamil,
                Suri Nagamma.)

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Plagiriasing poems to adore Bhagavan Ramana
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2008, 05:34:36 PM »
Dear Subramaian,
                       Many things i have written on Bhagawan occured to me in asram precincts particularly dining hall,i used to recollect and put it on the paper
later they became small books on Bhagawan's philosophy..My grip on Telugu and English languages is limited because i learned languages only upto 12th std
later i joined medicine.Some how there is an irresistable desire to write on teachings of Bhagawan.This year i wrote commentary on Upadesa Saram
in Telugu.The sphuranas that occured in asram helped me in the understanding and writing of Bhagawan's philosophy in a proper way and it helped me a lot.I am fully aware that my contribution in this regard is insignificant.It is only to highlight that sphuranas happen to us in the presence of Bhagawan
i am posting this letter.Luckily the copyright laws are not applicable to sphuranas because they are original and occur to us as bolt from the blue.       
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Re: Plagiriasing poems to adore Bhagavan Ramana
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2008, 05:52:15 PM »
Dear Dr. Raju,

I am happy to read your post.  Writing poetry and prose on Bhagavan
is an irresistable fascination to most of the devotees.  Bhagavan did
not discourage this. He said for Muruganar, writing poems on Him
was the way of 'tapas.'  Lakshmana Sarma, (Who) who was a Sanskrit
scholar, wrote and rewrote Ulladu Narapdu, Sat Darsanam, in
various metres, for several years.   Bhagavan also had remarked that for Sarma, it was a way of 'tapas.'  Later Sri Sadhu Om, has written one full
book of poems, about more than 800 verses, under the title, Sadhanai Saram, The Essence of Sadhana.  This has come up as Volume III of Ramana Vazhi, (The Path of Ramana).  I do not know whether these poems have been rendered into English, because it does not form a
part of English, The Path of Ramana.

Recently in 2008 Sept, David Godman has brought out a new book on entire Guru Vachaka Kovai, in English, giving translation of about more than 1200 verses with anecdotes from Bhagavan's Life and other teachings, interlaced.

Sri Ramanasramam has brought out a 8-volume book on "Arunachala's Ramana - Boundless Ocean of Grace."  These volumes are a product of great research, without leaving any single available information on Bhagavan Ramana.  It runs to 3000 plus pages and is moderately priced at Rs 1300 plus Rs 250 for courier charges.

I sent money on last Thursday, 23rd October 2008, and the books
came in a big courier box, on Saturday, 25th October 2008.  I sent
an e mail to the President of the Asram, saying that "I have got
a hot line with Bhagavan and the Asram, other wise how can books
arrive just on the third day?"   

Arunachala Ramana.

Bhagavan is a mirror.  The poetic or prosodic abilities of a person
comes out in His Presence.  And that is all, I can say.  Thank you.