Author Topic: Bhagavan Ramana! Who are you?  (Read 1583 times)


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Bhagavan Ramana! Who are you?
« on: October 24, 2008, 12:57:21 PM »
Once in connection with Asram dispute case, (filed by Perumal Swami),
some advocates came to interrogate Bhagavan Ramana.

Q:  Swami!  What is your name?

A. People call me with various names.  What shall I say?

Q. People call you as Sri Ramana Maharshi.
A. Yes.

Q. As per Hindu sastra, what is your stage in the four stages prescribed?
A. I am beyond these four stages.  I am Ati-Varna-asrami.

Q. Are there anyone in that Ati-Varna-asrama?
A.  I do not know now. But in the past, Suka and Jadabharata were there.

Q. People say that you are an avatara of Sri Subrahmanya. Is it true?
A. I am. But I am also everything!  Everything is me!

Q. Who is your Guru?
A. I have no Guru, no disciple.

Q. How can anyone be without a Guru?
A. Yes, It is not possible.
Q. Then who is your Guru?
A.  My Atma is my Guru.
Q. Who is the Guru of your Atma?
A. Atma is the Guru of the Atma too!

(Source: Various biogrpahies of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.)

Arunachala Siva.