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Atma's Will
« on: October 23, 2008, 06:52:24 PM »
Someone asked Bhagavan Ramana:

It is said in Upanishads that One can know Atma, only if the Atma
wills it.  Why should Atma will ?  Why should Atma will only a
particular person?

Bhagavan Ramana replied:

When the Sun rises, all lotus buds do not bloom.  Only a few bloom.
How can we find fault with the Sun?  The buds cannot bloom on their
own.  The Sunlight is required.

The devotee continued:

Can we not say that Atma only places the screen around, can not
we say that it is only with the Atma's help, that one can remove it?

Bhagavan Ramana replied:

We can say that.

The devotee further asked:

Since Atma has placed the screen on its own accord, should not
Atma remove that screen too?

Bhagavan Ramana continued:

Yes.  But see to whom this screen is.

The devotee pursued:

Why should I see?  Let Atma take away its own screen?

Bhagavan said:

If this question is asked by Atma, then It can remove the screen too.
But for whom is this question?

(Source:  Maharshi Voi Mozhi, Tamil.)

Arunachala Siva.