Author Topic: Hurdles for the writing sadhana of Suri Nagamma  (Read 1990 times)


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Hurdles for the writing sadhana of Suri Nagamma
« on: October 23, 2008, 04:11:53 PM »
Suri Nagamma, after completing a set of letters, (which were addressed
to her brother D.S. Sastri), arranged it for printing and the book was
expected around the Jayanti celebrattons of Bhagavan in  Jan 1947.
The books did not come from Madras in time and around July 1947
some twelve copies came from her brother.  She presented them
to Bhagavan.  As per usual practice, she thought Bhagavan would ask
her to give a reading of the book.  This did not happen.  Bhagavan was
not insisting for days.  When she persuaded Bhagavn, He merely said,
'let all copies come.'  She requested Chinnaswami for permission and
he also did not agree.  After two weeks, when 1000 copies came to
Asram after pressmen gave a good reviews, she became happy and
wanted to pursue her request to Bhagavan Ramana to give a reading.
It never occurred to her that there was some jealousy and blockades.
After further purusasion to Chinnaswami, she commenced reading
them around July 22, 1947.   On hearing the news, Suri Nagamma's
sister in law also came to Asram with a lot of enthusiasm.  After three
days of reading, she was called by Chinnaswami from the Office, and
was instructed to stop the reading sessions.  On the next day, when
everyone was waiting anxiously in the Hall, she could not resume the
reading.  Bhagavan felt bad and He made a remark:  When we are
asking her to read, someone says not to read.  I think no one can
read anything here."  Chinnaswami clarified saying that he did not
want her to stop reading but only to stop writing further such letters!
Chinnaswami further instructed her to give all the manuscripts and
also the Asram Library Cave, which she did with a heavy heart, after
presenting the manuscripts to Bhagavan to ensure a witness.  Suri
Nagamma becme downcast and she did not know what to do in the
Asram, excepting looking at Bhagavan with tears in her eyes all the time.  She wrote a Telugu poem, called Samarpanam and sent it to Chinta
Dikshitar.  Poeple later told her in the Asram, that similar fate was
met by Munagala Venkatramaiah, the author of Talks.

On seeing her plight, Bhagavan Ramana asked her one day and
she told Him:  "I am going away from you."  Bhagavan kindly replied
her: "You are only going away, (meaning that He is not going away.)
After this assurance, she became relieved and felt someone had
ill-advised Chinnaswami.

Kunju Swami and Muruganar later persuaded her to resume writing.

After a break of about 3 months, she could resume the Letters from
3rd September 1947.

Dikshitar had said in her letter:  Sreyamsi bahu vignani... The
good deads face more obstacles in this world.

(Source:  Suri Nagamma - Sri Ramansramam Vazhvum Ninaivum.)

Arunachala Siva.