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M. Sodousky's thoughts
« on: October 22, 2008, 02:05:03 PM »
M. Sodousky, Mouni Sadhu, quotes one or two golden utterances
of Bhagavan, which he kept with him for constant meditation
and contemplation.

Why should a man seek light when he is facing its very Source?

The light permeates our being thorugh and through to give us an
insight into all the mistakes and imperfections of our 'ego', our
little insignificant personality.  The presene of the Source makes it
possible for the rays to penetrate our being naturally and most
infallibly from within, as it were, and not from without. So, there
is no fear of an imposition, or suggestion of anything from outside.
Then begins the slow process of purification, arising out of the
contemplation of the living example.

What is salvation?

The thought of 'salvation', so often dimming the sight of those
who seeks a selfish 'heaven', now seems ridiculous.   The real
'salvation' will come when the very object seeking salvation

Once the Maharshi, when asked, "What is the primordial sin"
spoken of by one of the great religions of the world, answered:
"It is the illusion of a separate personal existence."  This is
indeed the source and root of all blunders and sufferings.  In
truth, what can be expected from withdrawing into a narrow
circle of selfish personal life?  Only an unavoidable destruction
of the man who, is himself putting a sword into the hands of death,
whose duty is to annihilate that which really never been more that
to nothingness.

(Source:  M. Sodousky, Mouni Sadhu's  "In Days of Great Peace."

Arunachala Siva.