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Bhagavan Ramana's Photographs
« on: October 21, 2008, 03:28:16 PM »
Bhagavan Ramana was easily the most photographed Jnani upto
His times.  There are innumberable photographs of Bhagavan.
There are also phtographs of the Temple, Cow Lakshmi, Asram, photographs of Tiruchuzhi house and Madurai house, His father's and mother's photographs, His paternal uncles' photographs etc.,

Mr. Sodousky, (Mouni Sadhu) mentions in his book three photographs.
The best was, according to him, the one that was taken around 1934
or 1935. It shows His face against the background of a kind of
luminous cross, formed by the reflection of light.

Another one, well-known to all readers of books on Bhagavan
Ramana, shows Him in a classical yogic postrure, sitting cross-legged
on a platform covered with a tiger skin.  It was probably taken after
His monthly shaving, for the features are free of the white beard.
Here, both the purity of line and expression of incomparable power
are emphasized more than any other picture.  It shows, for a true
seeker's contemplation, the face of the Saint, who has for long
left behind Him all the weaknesses, imperfections and miseries
that reign among us.  It shows one who has forever transcended
all ignorance, now faces the highest realtiy where no doubts or
fears can exist. 

The third well known photograph represents the face of the Master
in a halo of white hair and beard, with a soft smile of ineffable

(This is probably the one which is available in all Ramansramam

M. Sodousky says that this third photograph remained with him
for ever engraved on his heart, not only in its outward appearance,
but infinitely more.

Every Ramana devotee may like a particular photograph of
Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.  They may post their feelings about
their Guru's particular photograph.  I for one, who likes the third
one mentioned above as also His photograph that was taken
when He was 21, while Sivaprakasam Pillai met Him, in Virupaksha
Cave, during 1901-1902.

Arunachala Siva.