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Tirut Dasangam
« on: October 20, 2008, 02:43:57 PM »
Tirut Dasangam means Ten Characteristics of God or Guru.
These ten are usually sung in poems of devotion.  Saint
Manikkavachagar speaks of these ten characteristics of
Siva, in Tiruvachakam.  Muruganar must also have sung like this.

One day, when Annamalai Swami was strolling on the Hills,
he found a paper, with Bhagavan Ramana's photograph and
ten verses called Sri Ramana Rishi Tirut Dasangam.  This was
composed by one K.V.Ramachandra Iyer.  These ten verses are
in the form of a girl asking the parrot, what are the ten characteristics
of Bhagavan Ramana and the parrot or the girl herself, replying to
this by describing each characteristic.  These are usually as applicable
to kings, their names,  their country, their town, their river, their mountain, their weapon, their war-drum, their defence forces etc., etc.,

The composition of Ramachandra Iyer says:

1. What is the name of this Arunagiri Guru?
     - Whatever name we  use to call Him, with,  is His name !

2. What is the country of Guru of Arunagiri?
     -  What could be His country?  There is no country for Him,
         excepting His country of Grace!

3. What is the town of the king of Tiruchuzhi, Bhagavan Ramana?
     - Oh!  His town is the Heart of all the gods of heaven and the
        people on the earth!

4. What is the river of this Arunagiri Guru?
     -  It is the river of Bliss!

5.  O green parrot!  What is the mountain of this Arunagiri Guru?
      - His mountain, is the Hill of Upasantam!

6. What is the horse of this king of Arunagiri?
      - The horse of Pure Space!

7. What is the weapon of this Sadguru, who takes away the lives
      of others?
      - It is the weapon of Jnana, which kills the karmas!

8.  O beautiful parrot!  What is the war-drum of this Arunagiri Guru?   
      - It is the drum of great liberation, which will dry up the
         the body and the mind of devotees!

9.  O parrot which speaks nice words!  What is the garland
      of this Arunagiri Guru?
      - It is all the garland of poems of the devotees!

10. O parrot of sweet  harmless words!  What is the flag of this
        Arunagiri Guru?
       - It is the flag of Silence!

Arunachala Siva.