Author Topic: Druga Pooja Celebrations - (7)  (Read 2167 times)


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Druga Pooja Celebrations - (7)
« on: October 05, 2008, 11:09:14 AM »
The poet and Sakta, Sri Abhirami Bhattar was working as a priest
in Tirukkadaiyur Siva temple, where Abhirami was the goddess.
He was always in the Bliss of Mother, without caring for anything
in life.  He had no wants.  But in his beautiful poem, Abhirami
Ammai Padigam and Abhirami Andati, he wants all sorts of things,
good things, for the sake of devotees.  In one of the songs of
Padigam, he lists out 16 things for the bhakta.

1.  Unflinching Knowledge
2.  Non diminising age
3.  Friendship with people who do not have mistrust
4.  Non reducing wealth and fertility
5.  Non ageing youth
6.  Body without any diseases
7.  Steady mind
8.  Wife with never leaving love
9.  Children who will not fail in their duties
10. Non diminshing Glory
11. Non changing words of Truth
12. Non hindered gifts to others
13. Never diminshing Wealth
14. Non oscillating judgements in life
15. Misery-less Life
16. A pure love for your feet (Abhirami)

With all these, please see that I am always in the company
of your devotees.  O Abhirami, the sister of Vishnu who does
yoga nidra in the ocean, the Queen of Tirukkadaiyur, ever
being on the left half of Siva, Amrithakadesvarar, the Siva
of Tirukkadaiyur.  O bless me, O bless me!

On this Durga Pooja Celebrations, let us pray to the Mother,
who can confer all these to pursue Ramana Way.

As Ramanaduli said, Avan arulale avan thall vanangi, we can
pray to Him only when we get His grace and the Grace is
nothing but Mother's grace!

Arunachala Siva.