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Sri Sikshastaka of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
« on: September 24, 2008, 07:01:25 PM »
Sri Sikshastaka is the only written work of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. It contains very useful messages for sincere seekers of God. This is a meditative indulgence into these verses. I shall proceed verse by verse and we shall see the Truth expressed in them here and now.

Verse1: Chetodarpana marjanam bhava maha dhavagni nirvapanam
Shreyah kairava chandrika vitaranam vidhya vadhu jeevanam
Anandambudhi vardhanam prati padam purnamruthasvadhanam
Sarvatma snapanam param vijayathe sri krishna sankirthanam

Purn-amrutha-svadhanam – The taste of Complete Amrutha , undyingness. This is what we are proceeding towards, we shall see this by the end of all these verses. I have chosen to start from this word in the whole verse as this is what we are right now going to see. Sri Krishna Sankrirthanam – The sincere devotion to Sri Krishna is supposed to bring us to this. Complete undyingness. Usually in our day to day life all we see is mortality, death. This is what we see everywhere around us. Swami Vivekananda says “Saints die and sinners die, kings die and beggars die…” , so we know everything dies and we do not need someone to show us another dying entity. We do not need an experience of mortality … its already there, all around. This verse is talking about Amrutha tatva …. That which is undying amidst these dying entities of life.

Bhava means that which has come into existence. What is born and being born is conditioned by time. therefore it dies too. All that is mortal is bhava. We are right now living in Bhava-Sagaram – all that is time dependent --- which has come into existence, and therefore it dies. So if an experience comes into being, its bhava. So all that is time dependent, which dies is bhava. Maha Dhavagni --- Maha means Huge. Dhavagni – forest Fire. This Huge Forest Fire of Bhava , the material existence --- anything that gets destroyed by time is material. This is such a beautiful verse --- Bhava Maha Dhavagni --- this material existence is constantly on fire… its dying. It is not as if I’ll live until 50-60-70 years and then suddenly die. I am right now on fire - every moment of life is essentially a moment of dying. Here, now we are on fire. Death is not something that shall come some day in future – like candles we are right now burning off. Some day we shall get totally burnt in this Dhavagni. That is the constant maha dhavagni that is here, now. This is not understood until we see it. Usually we fake understanding it. If we understand it, it means we understand right now that we are dying every moment. Watch your breath – with each breath you are burning, dying. This observation itself is a Sadhana. Its not a belief. Its something happening right now but we fake as if we are not going to die. We even do not want to talk about it! So Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is here simply drawing our attention to this simple fact, we are on fire – ever dying. We cannot afford to say “ill take up this sri krishna sankritanam” later. Coz, we are already burning and any time might be the last moment! Its high time we do it now. Now is the time for sri krishna sankirtanam.

Why Sri Krishna Sankirtanam ? Coz it is nirvapanam – the extinguishment – of this maha davagni. This fire can be extinguished by only one means: Sri Krishna Sankirtanam. Coz Sri Krishna Sankirtanam makes the mind clean --- cheto darpana marjanam – the mirror of mind is cleaned by Sri Krishna sankirtanam and as a result one experiences purna – amritam – and maha dhavagni (Time) is extinguished ! Such is the power of Sri Krishna Sankirtanam.

How does this happen ? Just as under moon light (chandrika) the white lotus (shreya kairava) blossoms (vitaranam). Just as the white lotus blossoms under moon light our heart blossoms through sri krishna sankirtanam and the mirror of mind is purified – as a result of which the whole we no more are bothered by the fire of time! Such is the beauty of Sri krishna sankirtanam. We shall learn more about Sri krishna sankirtanam in the verses that follow. Such a life is vidya vadhu jeevanam , a life wed to Vidya , Wisdom.

Sarva Atma snapanam param --- it is that Param , the Supreme, which cools sarva Atma, all atma – at once it cools all, coz the maha dhavagni is no more there. And as a result there is anandambudhi vardanam --- the ocean of complete and undying Bliss envelops us.

True Sankirtana is therefore that which extinguishes the dhavagni of time and gives us supreme bliss which does not die. So let us resort to such sri krishna sankirtanam.



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Re: Sri Sikshastaka of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
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Dear srkudai,  Nice.  All Jnanis have been saying the same thing.
Even the similes are almost similar.  Bhagavan says:  Arunachala
Ven thazhal, the fire of Arunachala will burn us, for the good,
it will burn the desires and karmas.  Then, it becomes, Aruviai Paayum
Aruna mamalai.... It becomes the cool waterfall.  The dhavgni
and parajalam are used by Him also.  There are a few books under
Bhakti Schools of Vedanta, by Swami Tapsyananda of Madras Math.
These books tell about Krishna Chaitanya, Vallabhacharya, Nimbarkar
and other saints.

Thank you.

Please continue your Ashta Vakra Samhita also.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Sri Sikshastaka of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
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Dear srkudai,
                 Explanation of the verse of sri sikshastaka is excellent.
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