Author Topic: Bhagavan and Mother Azhagmma (2)  (Read 1630 times)


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Bhagavan and Mother Azhagmma (2)
« on: September 24, 2008, 03:34:21 PM »
In the first post, I mentioned about four visits of Mother
Azhagamma to see her son.  In the last visit, she decided
to stay with her son permanently.

Mother Azhagamma's probation period was equally tough and
Bhagavan willed it so.  Amma had knowledge of Vedanta songs
in Tamil, composed by Chenkottai Avadai Akka.  This Avadai
Akka, was an illiterate living Southern Tamil Nadu and she had
composed several songs on Advaita Vedanta.  These were sung
my ladies of southern districts regularly.  Amma used to sing this
in Tiruchuzhi, Manamadurai and later in the Hills also.

When once, Amma was asking Akhilandamma to pluck and bring
some greens from the Hills for cooking and when Ramanatha
Brahmachari hid them under a bush and told Amma to take them,
Bhagavan noticed it.  He said sternly to Amma, : " If you want all
such greens, you can go back to Madurai."  Amma wept for sometime.

On another occasion, which everyone knows, when Amma went
to downtown and brought Papad Batter to prepare Papads, and asked
her son to help her for making papads, Bhagavan said humourosly:  "You make papads, and I shall make a song on Papads."

Amma was very orthodox, not touching non-Brahmins.  Bhagavan
made fun of this and corrected her.  Once He said:  " O Amma,
Kunju had touched your clothes (that were drying up in the cave),
please wash the clothes once again and you also take bath, since
you are touching these clothes."

Amma was not eating onions and garlic as was the custom among
Brahmin ladies, particularly widows those days.  Bhagavan used
to make fun of her:  " O Amma, see the power of these little bulbous
vegtables, they are going to stand at the gateways of heavens and
block you from entering!"     

Once or twice,  He made His mother to feed the woodcutter in the Hills first and then take her food.

There were also moments of great happiness and awe for Amma.

Once Bhagavan appeared before her, as Siva with garlands of serpents
and skulls.

He used to bring water and bathe His mother whenever she was not
well enough to fetch water herself.

Once at the request of a sadhu, He took ganja, a large doze, as
it was given to Him as prasad.  His eyes became blood red but
He was not lying down.  When asked by Amma, He told the truth.
Amma became anxious and advised Him against it.  Bhagavan replied:
"What to do?  He gave it as a prasad with devotion!".  He also said
his devotees, not to take ganga.  If it is taken by a true sadhak, it will
do good.  But if it is taken by a man of evil desires, it will become
worse for him, He had said.

Arunachala Siva.