Author Topic: Guru Namasivaya's Poems: (9)  (Read 1656 times)


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Guru Namasivaya's Poems: (9)
« on: September 24, 2008, 11:21:32 AM »
41.  A Annamalai!  You showed me the way of Siva Jnana,
and directed me, this lowly dog,  away from the company
of women with deer-like eyes.  You annihilate the miseries
of your devotees and make them constantly contemplate on you.

42.  O Annamalai!  You went asa Bairagi and asked for the
human flesh as food, from Siru Thondar who cut his son and
feasted you. You  took him to your abode.  You went as a bird and controlled the rage of Narasimha.

43.  O Annamalai!  You gave all gifs to my Guru, Guhai Namasivaya,
and liberated him.  You are praised by the three worlds.  You
give all gifts to the good devotees who throng at the Hills.  You
made the woman and man, which is a great wonder!*

(*This story is not clear)

44.  O Annamalai!  You made Unnamulai, as your concorporate
consort.  You are the nectar for the eyes of devotees.  You are
praised by devas, who come to the Hills everyday and pray to you.

45. O Annamalai!  You took the Tamil songs of my Guru,
Guhai Namasivaya everyday and enjoyed them as if they
are delicious fruits.   You have the crescent moon on your
head.  You always play with your devotees in the Hills.

to be continued......

Arunachala Siva.