Author Topic: Guru Namasivaya's Poems: (8)  (Read 1489 times)


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Guru Namasivaya's Poems: (8)
« on: September 24, 2008, 11:10:25 AM »
36. O Annamalai!  In the Hills, the male elephants will pick
the nice ripe mangoes and give them to the female-elephants.
You are the sweet, that remain in the pure thoughtless minds
of your devotees.  You are the Hills, with five forms.*

(*The Aurnachala has got five peaks)

37. O Annmalai.  For my Guru, Guhai Namasivaya, who contsantly
contemplate on you, you are the rain clouds of mercy.  You are
the great Hills, whose top and feet, could not be searched by Brahma
and Vishnu.

38. O Annamalai!  You stood as a huge column of effulgence,
beyond the search of Brahma and Vishnu.  You are the column
of mercy who rules us.  You are beyond compare.  You are
rare to see, the red Hills.

39.  O Annamalai! For the devoted poets, you confer wealth
in this life and liberation in afterlife.  You are the Hills of great
glory, the great Sadguru, of this lowly rascal.

40.  O Annamalai!  For the devotees, who chant your Panchakshara,
and who are praised by the whole world, you confer all that they want.  You confer all the gifts for them and also place them in the right
path to salvation.

to be continued......

Arunachala Siva.