Author Topic: Guhai Namasivaya's Poems - (68)  (Read 1523 times)


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Guhai Namasivaya's Poems - (68)
« on: September 22, 2008, 04:15:53 PM »
Arunagiri Andati: continues....

1.  O King of Sonagiri!  What is the use of going to a thousand
rivers and bathing?  What is the use of doing sixteen dharmas?
Unless you have in your heart Annamalai, Siva with five faces,
and be with his great devotees?

2. O Arunachala!  How can one get your lotus feet, the god
with deer in hand, unless one does tapas, one goes everyday
to his Temple in Annmalai, does dharmas?  One cannot get them free.

3. O Arunachala! How can one get your lotus feet, which was
not seen by Brahma and Vishnu.  What is the use of simply telling
their stories?  Unless, you keep his feet in your mind, one cannot
get them free.

4. O Arunachala!  Unless one is in full devotion to you, and keep
you in one's heart, you will not be with us.  O Father, who has
knocked down the teeth of sun, cut the nose of Brahma's wife,
Sarasvati, who has wilfully worn the crescent moon and Brahma's
skulls, you will be ever with us, if we are devoted to you.

5. O Arunachala!  How can we overcome the worries like,
'What is there to eat today?  What is there for night?  What
is there for tomorrow?'   Please grace us, O the god, who wears
"konrai", the crescent moon, "surabunnai", cactus in his
matted locks.

to be continued......

Arunachala Siva.